Bangkok Pro Venture Company Limited has improved operating results and results. Continuously throughout Since the start of the business in 2014 until now, the company has expanded its customer base and is likely to grow apart. The increase in the number of continuously resulting from the development of the sales team. And full service Ability and complete cycle of our lives.

Organisational culture

"Building confidence that is sustainable" is the goal and commitment that includes all of us at Bangkok Pro Ventures. Together, we want to create lasting confidence for our customers and consumers. Our employees include every department that Related to us And the communities in which we Running business Our employees are full of commitment. Pride and Enthusiasm will work together to make this goal a reality. Our goals, vision, mission and confidence Fusing diverse employees And provide the organizational culture structure and guidelines for Clear work.


We are a leader in the manufacturing, retail, wholesale, import and export of consumer products. Including equipment Technology, covering the entire marketing supervision System management and after-sales management And marketing management services, the company has encouraged employees to study new knowledge and Self-development at all times, including instilling employees to love service is the key to quality and Efficiency in our service until the heart of the customer has always been And still have customers to rely on our services Increase continuously every year.

Family business operations

We create the future with the spirit of entrepreneurs on the ground. The base of our family business practice is The tradition that we are proud of as a family business with the goal of creating sustainable value. We follow. Sustainable vision For our company With values ​​as an option, along with a strong financial base These create a solid foundation for our successful future. Since Bangkok Pro Venture began in 2014, we have continuously demonstrated our commitment to enable us to Can operate with a long-term perspective Shared values ​​and our mutual trust Merging us into One thing in achieving the common goal is to create sustainable values ​​for future generations.

Past Work

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